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Trace Creek The Woodlands

Trace Creek Neighborhood is known for being established and very social & family friendly.  Located on the south west corner of Gosling and Flintridge the neighborhood backs to a greenbelt (treed area that won’t be built on) on 2 sides.  The neighborhood has a GREAT park that has wide open space for soccer or other sports, 2 play areas, 2 sets of swings, BBQ area, pavilion and sand volleyball court.

Trace Creek’s location within The Woodlands is considered ideal.  It is :

  • 7 minutes from I-45 and Town Center
  • 10 minutes from Highway 2920
  • 10 minutes from Highway 2978 and the city of Magnolia

Trace Creek Park The WoodlandsThe neighborhood was built by Lifeforms Homes, a builder exclusive to The Woodlands and boasts very open, family friendly floorplans.  The “Treehouse” plan or split level plan is very common in this neighborhood, having the main living areas and master up and the secondary bedrooms and gameroom downstairs.  Many like the split level floorplan because they feel “amongst the trees” with the main living areas being at treetop level.  If the “Treehouse” plan isn’t your cup of tea there are other more conventional options but most do offer the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.Home in Trace Creek, The Woodlands

There are currently 3 homes that are active on the market in Trace Creek.  Considering the homes that sold  since January 2008, the average days on market for the neighborhood is 45.  That is excellent, even in The Woodlands, which typically has decent market activity.  Even more impressive, the days on market for October 2008 was just 35! Bad economy or not, this neighborhood is thriving and in high demand!  Its affordability is probably the main reason.  A buyer can claim a home in Trace Creek from about $160,000 to the mid $200K’s.

Trace Creek Park, The Woodlands 2I have always liked Trace Creek because whenever you drive around the neighborhood you’ll always see people out and about.  It’s a very tight-knit community with many of the residence being the original owners (these homes were built in the mid to late 80’s!) and you can tell that there is a lot of pride in ownership.

While I was walking around the neighborhood today taking pictures for this blog, everything I previously thought about the neighborhood was confirmed.  There was a game of sand volleyball going on, a big gathering of people cooking out and kids on both play sets and swings.  Not wanting to disturb the people during their get together, I walked to a home that flanked the park and met Sarah and her 9 month old daughter.

Sarah has lived in Trace Creek for 2 Trace Creek, The Woodlands Pathways½ years and “loves it!” She chose Trace Creek because she and her husband loved Lifeforms homes and really wanted a “Treehouse” plan.  She loved the large yards, mature trees and great park the neighborhood offered.  She also loved that it was so centrally located to everything.  I asked her where she would move if she were to move within The Woodlands and she said she wouldn’t move anywhere else, that she loves Trace Creek. I asked her to try and think of a negative about the neighborhood and at first she couldn’t then her husband Matt came home and I asked him and he had the same problem saying “I can’t think of anything negative.”  After much deliberation, Sarah said one thing she wished the neighborhood had was a basketball court instead of a sand volleyball court. While wrapping up our little talk Sarah and Matt added that they really have enjoyed how social the neighborhood is, “everyone is so nice and we get together for all the major holidays; 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween etc.”

Trace Creek, The Woodlands GazeboI was determined to find someone that could find someone who could offer me some more drawbacks than the lack of a basketball court so I could write a balanced blog post.  No neighborhood is perfect, right?  I drove around and stopped at Jessica Fry’s house.  She was out in her front yard doing yard work and was gracious enough to talk with me.  She moved in to her house just 1 month ago and loves that there are so many kids in the neighborhood that are always playing outside.  She said her 7 year old son has made so many great friends in the neighborhood already.  Jessica and her family moved from Wisconsin and wanted a neighborhood that not only had lots of kids but was very established with big trees and older homes.  Trace Creek didn’t disappoint.

They bought their home from a couple who moved into their 3rd home in the neighborhood!  Jessica said that it means a lot to her that so many of her neighbors are the original owners and that they all look out for each other.  When I asked Jessica for a negative she had one, “Wilkerson”.  She hates that Wilkerson is 7 miles away so her son will have to take the bus to school and she wishes Wilkerson’s rankings were higher.  I then asked if she were to move from Trace Creek to anywhere else in The Woodlands, which neighborhood would that be and she responded said that she hadn’t thought about it but it would have to be as established as Trace Creek.

I have sold several homes in Trace Creek and all of my sellers have been big advocates for the neighborhood.  After talking to Jessica and Sarah I see why.  The neighborhood is like a hidden jewel tucked in the trees and definitely worth a look if you are looking for a home with roots!


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