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Idlewood MarquisIdlewood is a neighborhood in The Woodlands that was built out in the mid 80’s.  This makes Idlewood one of the more established and mature neighborhoods in the Woodlands.   A large, serene pond adds to Idlewood’s unique charm and can be enjoyed along the neighborhood’s wide, tree-covered walking trails.

Idlewood was built by a combination of both custom builders as well Idlewood walkwaysas production builders like David Weekley Homes and Ryland Homes.  The majority of the homes are 2-story brick homes with a few 1-stories scattered throughout.

Idlewood is sandwiched between Falconwing Dr., Flintridge Dr. and Rushhaven Dr. with quick access to Gosling and Woodlands Parkway.  This is one of the major advantages to the location. Gosling is a primary North-South corridor in The Woodlands while Woodlands Parkway is the main East-West corridor. Idlewood is within a minute of both so there are few places within The Woodlands that take longer than 5-7 minutes to reach.  Idlewood is only:

  • 7 minutes to The Woodlands Town Center and Interstate 45,
  • 10 minutes from the town of Magnolia, and
  • 7 minutes from Highway 2920 making it ideal for those that want to be in the center of it all!

Typical home prices in Idlewood range from $175,000 to nearly $400,000.  As of October 2008,  there are 3 homes for sale that have an average days on market of 90 days.  This is higher than the average days on market for The Woodlands of 72 days probably attributed to the fact that there is not much available in Idlewood.

Idelewood StreetscapeI liked Idlewood enough to live here!  I was drawn to the large, established trees, quant secluded pond and the large lots in the neighborhood.  It was important for my husband to be close to where he works (Merrill Lynch in The Woodlands Town Center) and we wanted an older neighborhood with some charm.  Aside from the fact that there are few neighborhood socials we have really fallen in love with Idlewood!

I interviewed two women to get their perspective of Idlewood. Suzanne Chatigney, a former resident who just recently moved out lived in Idlewood for 4 years. She fell in love with the fact that Idlewood actually had some elevation, (a couple of hills qualifies in the relatively flat Woodlands!) as well as established trees.

Laeilani Bayer, an Idlewood resident for just over 8 years likes the fact thatIdelewood Pond and Fountain

“Most neighbors know one another and most parents feel comfortable with their kids playing together.  There are also a lot of long time residents that are a good source for information.”

When asked what was special about Idlewood Laeilani recalled the “real sense of community after Ike”. She said her husband went door to door seeing if anyone needed to use his internet and that everyone worked together to support one another during the extended power outage.

Both residents that I interviewed, when asked where they would move if they had to leave Idlewood but stay in The Woodlands, chose the Cottage Green neighborhood in Alden Bridge!  Suzanne and her family moved to Cottage Green a couple of months ago and love the “feel” of the neighborhood.  Both Suzanne and Laeilani are attracted to Cottage Greens central playground, front porches and alleyways.Idelewood Streetscape 2

The downside to Idlewood? Suzanne and Laeilani agree again saying they “wish there were sidewalks”.  Suzanne also wished there were more neighborhood socials.

I believe Laeilani sums it up best by saying that Idlewood is a “friendly community of neighbors” and I’ll just add that with its established feel, small hills and collection of cul-de-sacs it’s a great little neighborhood with a lot of charm!


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