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Tealpoint Neighborhood Marquis

Tealpoint Neighborhood Marquis

Tealpoint Neighborhood is a small, quiet yet friendly neighborhood in the very Heart of The Woodlands. Located right off of Research Forest between the 2nd Cochran’s Crossing (if headed West on Research Forest) and Greenbridge, Tealpoint’s location is what you would consider “prime real estate” because it is so conveniently located to everything The Woodlands has to offer! A unique aspect to the neighborhood of Tealpoint is that there is a back entrance to the neighborhood from Greenbridge; the only neighborhood in Cochran’s Crossing that has Greenbridge access. Because of this, commuting to I-45 couldn’t be easier! If Research Forest has too many street lights for you to get to I-45, Highway 242 (a.k.a. College Park Drive) is less than 2 minutes away and will get you to I-45 just as fast, if not faster.

Tealpoint’s location within The Woodlands is considered ideal.  It is:

  • 7 minutes from I-45 and Town Center
  • 10 minutes from Highway 2920
  • 10 minutes from Highway 2978 and the city of Magnolia

Like its neighbor to the South, Amberglow, Tealpoint was built by both David Weekley Builders and Village Builders, however, homes in Tealpoint are larger than most of those in Amberglow. The homes are all very

Tealpoint Neighborhood Streetscape

Tealpoint Neighborhood Streetscape

traditional with all brick facades, exterior wooden shutters flanking the windows, and steep slopes on the roofs. There are both one-story and two-story homes found in this neighborhood and one of my favorite aspects is that the garages are not prominent. They are all tucked back and detached from the home, really helping to showcase the homes.  There are no sidewalks but the concrete streets with curbs and clean yards make this neighborhood very aesthetically pleasing, like most neighborhoods in The Woodlands! There are also great walking/biking/running trails that connect through the front of the neighborhood.

Residences of Tealpoint love their neighborhood and proof of that is in the numbers! There are no homes for sale at this time in Tealpoint, nor has there been a home on the market in this neighborhood since April of 2007 – almost 2 years ago! Therefore, a current Days on Market figure is hard to determine, however, the last house to sell (in April 2007) was only on the market 4 days!! Homes in this area are in the $250k – $300k range.

While touring the neighborhood I met Craig, an original owner of his home in Tealpoint. He and his wife bought their house in 1991 and have been very happy. He is grateful they bought in a neighborhood that is not constantly changing. He said he appreciated that there are not for sale signs all over the place like there seem to be in other areas. It is an established area where everyone is familiar with most of the people coming and going. Craig and his wife are both retired and so commuting is not an issue for them but he did mention how convenient everything is located, especially for his wife as she is the ‘shopper’ of the family. The grocery store is only 5 minutes away and there are so many options as to if they want to use the Cochran’s Crossing shopping center, Alden Bridge Shopping Center or the stores on 242 such as Wal-mart, Lowe’s Kohl’s, Garden Ridge and more, only 5 minutes away. When I met Craig he was out cleaning the leaves and debris out of the curb side gutters and so when I asked him if there were any negatives to his area he said “well, I have never liked picking

A peak into the Tealpoint Neighborhood

A peak into the Tealpoint Neighborhood

up dead, wet leaves and all of these huge trees don’t seem to be getting any smaller over the years!”  When I asked him if he were to move, but stay in The Woodlands, where would he go, Craig shared with me that he and his wife would buy a patio home perhaps in the Grogan’s Forest area, but they have no plans to sell any time soon,

I also met Dana who was just arriving home from an afternoon of errands. She was kind enough o share with me that her family has been in Tealpoint for 5 years, ever since they were job transferred here from New Jersey. Dana loves the convenience of all of the amenities of The Woodlands including Town Center and The Woodlands Mall and she loves the community pools, the dog park and all of the biking trails that are literally right outside of her neighborhood that she and her children have often taken advantage of. “It is so easy to do things as a family in this neighborhood, and that is very important to me” Dana commented. As a negative, Dana said that while she loves that her neighborhood has the Greenbridge access in the back side of Tealpoint, she sometimes wishes it were not there because it adds a lot of traffic who are cutting through Tealpoint from Greenbridge in order to get to their nearby neighborhoods. When I asked Dana where she would move in The Woodlands if she were to not stay in Tealpoint, she looked at me funny and said “nowhere, why would we move. We are a walk away from my kids’ schools, close to all shopping and it is quiet, friendly, and beautiful.”

Tealpoint is a beautiful neighborhood that seems to have it all. If you are looking for a well established neighborhood with great location, great schools, great neighbors and great amenities, Tealpoint seems to be the place to be; the trick is finding someone willing to move.


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