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Havenpoint Neighborhood Marquis

Havenpoint Neighborhood Marquis

Havenpoint Neighborhood is a geographically small neighborhood, however, it is populated with above-average sized homes.  Homes in Havenpoint are larger than its neighboring areas ranging anywhere from 3,000 sq.ft. – 4,500 sq.ft on average 10,000 sq.ft. lots. Havenpoint neighborhood is located at the top of Cochran’s Crossing horse shoe-shaped loop, off of the north side of Research Forest before you get to Greenbridge.  Havenpoint’s location is what you would consider “prime real estate” because it is so conveniently located to everything The Woodlands has to offer and commuting to I-45 couldn’t be easier.  If Research Forest has too many street lights for you to get to I-45, Highway 242 (a.k.a. College Park Drive) is less than 5 minutes away and will get you to I-45 just as fast, if not faster.

Havenpoint’s commute times are:

  • 8 minutes from I-45 and Town Center
  • 12 minutes from Highway 2920
  • 8 minutes from Highway 2978 and the city of Magnolia

Like its neighboring neighborhoods to the South, Amberglow and Tealpoint, Havenpoint was built by both

A home in Havenpoint

A home in Havenpoint

David Weekley Builders and Village Builders, however, homes in Havenpoint are larger than the homes in Amberglow and Tealpoint. The homes were built in the early 1990’s and are all very traditional with all brick facades, exterior wooden shutters flanking the windows, and steep slopes on the roofs. You will find more two-story homes than one-story homes in Havenpoint and that is mostly due to the size of the homes offered. Following suit with its next door neighbors, Havenpoint has garages that are tucked back behind the home which highlights the beautiful home architecture.  The yards in Havenpoint really stand out as they are all well-manicured and landscaped to really draw out its nature-rich surroundings. There are no sidewalks but the concrete streets with curbs and clean yards make this neighborhood very aesthetically pleasing.  There are many cul-de-sac streets in this neighborhood and a few of those located on the north side of the Lost Pond (the main road winding you through Havenpoint) have their own trails that lead back into the wooded, undeveloped area.  There are also great walking/biking/running trails that connect through the front of the neighborhood.  All of this makes Havenpoint a special neighborhood, but its hallmark is that it backs up to groves of trees.

There are currently no homes for sale in Havenpoint which is a testament of its own.  Only two homes have sold since January 1, 2008; one in June and one in September. The home that sold in June sold in just 10 days! The home that sold in September was on the market a little longer, making the average days on market 56. The

A peak into the Havenpoint neighborhood

A peak into the Havenpoint neighborhood

houses sold for an average of 96% of the asking price and the average price per square foot is $98.00. Homes in this area are in the $300k – $400k range.

While previewing Havenpoint I introduced myself to Bruce, a home owner in Havenpoint who was just arriving home from work. He didn’t have long to chat, but he shared with me that he and his family have been in their current house for 3 years and enjoy their neighbors and their location. He mentioned that as a positive for Havenpoint they are very, very close The Woodlands High School where he has 2 children attending. He also really enjoys that there are trees in the neighborhood that change color with the seasons.  Bruce is from the east coast and missed the fall colors in Texas.  When I asked for a negative about Havenpoint, he mentioned that in the three years he has been here, every year they get a huge influx of birds and they drive him crazy. I saw this first-hand. A large group of black birds sweeping in and out of the neighborhood, stopping on lawns and roofs. Maybe great for bird-watchers, but not ideal for freshly-washed cars.

On my way out of the Havenpoint I met Jessica and Maya, two girls walking home from The Woodlands High School.  I thought it would be nice to get an opinion from a younger demographic so I asked the girls how they liked living in Havenpoint. Jessica’s family lives a little farther down in the Lake Pointe neighborhood, but Maya said that she really loves that all of the houses have so many windows because all of the houses are so pretty.  She also loves the hidden trails and small cul-de-sacs because it is really nice to be outside in this area. There are no speeding cars and the parent’s feel safe letting their kids play outside. As a negative Maya and Jessica both agreed that living so close to their school wasn’t always the best because it meant they always had to walk! They were both excited about the fact, however, that it only took their mom’s 5 minutes to get them to The Woodlands Mall!  So the neighborhood is a positive for teenage girls shopping and a negative for family budgets.

Havenpoint neighborhood in Cochran’s Crossing is a beautiful area that is small on a grand scale. It provides the aesthetic appeal anyone would be able to enjoy. It offers larger homes in a well-established, lovely neighborhood that is centrally located within The Woodlands.


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